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Why Light of Life?

Cambodia is a poor country, and its history further complicates everyday life and the ongoing reality of the rural poor.  Not only have their livelihoods and opportunities been diminished, but many of the local arts and aspects of their cultural heritage have been damaged or lost.

 Textile weaving on traditional looms was one of the cultural arts lost on Kulen Mountain due to the Khmer Rouge and the Civil War.  This loss of skill and income has contributed to the meager living conditions of the villagers on the mountain, and they have been compelled to survive by killing and eating many of the beautiful and rare animals on the mountain and by deforesting old-growth jungles and tropical hardwoods.  

Their plight is not sustainable and neither is the ecosystem on Kulen Mountain, hence the need for the Light of Life Training Program.

If you want to donate to the worthy cause and help change the lives of these poor but ambitious women, please do so here .  

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