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Training Center &  Kulen Mountain Initiatives

Help us break the cycle of poverty


As this new year begins, Vision Cambodia Organization is happy to report new exciting programs and initiatives! With generous individual and corporate support, Kulen Mountain has the foundation to start improving the economic and educational prospects for the disadvantaged villagers that live there. With the construction of a primary school and community training center there is light and hope for the future, and the energy among the residents palpable. Now we need to fund the new training program that will provide valuable skills and opportunities for the local Cambodian women. By the end of March 2024 we need to raise $20,000 expand the training program and create sustainability moving forward. 

Your contribution will play a vital role in empowering these women to create a sustainable income for themselves and their families. With your support, we can set them up for long-term success and help break the cycle of poverty.


The first training session lasts 10 months and is focused on teaching Cambodian women the lost art of weaving scarves and other textiles on the traditional wooden looms, that has been integral to Cambodia’s history. During the political strife during the Khmer Rouge and the subsequent civil war, the art was lost on Kulen Mountain. These women will learn and then share the knowledge and expertise to produce high-quality goods to sell to high end shops in the city and to tourists that will be visiting from our Eco Tour partner. 

Without you, Vision Cambodia wouldn't exist. Thank you for your continued support throughout the years. If you’re looking for a way to donate or contribute this year we couldn’t think of a better way than by helping give these women and so many more the opportunity for a brighter future.


How Your Donation Makes An Impact

Your generous support will directly contribute to:

1. Sustaining the Training Center

Previous donations helped us build the infrastructure, but now we need to support the initial training groups and ongoing expenses required to make the program self sustaining.  The training, tools, materials and participant support are all UNFUNDED, we need your help to make this first program a success!

2. Skill Development Programs

The Training Center will not only train on traditional textiles, but also on business fundamentals and the growing tourism and hospitality opportunities on Kulen Mountain. This holistic approach creates a virtuous economic cycle and opportunity for many in these poor villages.

3. Expanded Opportunities

Kulen Eco Tours is connected to Vision Cambodia, with 100% of the proceeds supporting non-profit initiatives. This will create connections and opportunities for these women as cultural exchanges and guided tours bring paying customers and hospitality revenue to their villages.   

Join us in transforming lives

Make this year truly meaningful by supporting the Training Center and Kulen Mountain initiatives. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of Cambodian women and their communities. Help us break the cycle of poverty.

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