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Textile/Weaving Training

We are so excited about the first training session at the newly constructed training facility!  There are not many opportunities for employment in rural Cambodia (especially on Kulen Mountain), and while the kids are now getting educated at the school constructed by Vision Cambodia, the adults still lack opportunities and employment.  The first 10-month training session is focused on teaching these 9 wonderful women the lost art of Cambodian silk and cotton weaving on traditional looms.  These women never had the opportunity to learn to read or write, but they are now developing a valuable skill that will benefit themselves, their families, and the broader community.  

We are going to take you on a journey to Kulen Mountain and tell you the story of how this wonderful community-wide project started and is now progressing.  How the local kids’ dream of an education became a reality, and how the hungry kids are now getting at least one solid meal a day in the school lunch program.  How illiterate women who had been forced to forage the jungle and eat bugs are now learning a beautiful trade, sharing their culture with visitors, and making reliable income.  You will hear about the plans for the future, and how eco-tourism is the key to the virtuous economic cycle that brings tourist dollars to their village while expanding employment opportunities.  Your heart is going to be touched and we hope that you will follow and support the great things happening on Kulen Mountain, Cambodia!

Attached are some of the scarves the women made during the first week of training. We love this art and we know you will too!

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