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Where it all began...

The journey to Kulen Mountain begins here at the doTERRA primary school. Many rural areas in Cambodia lack adequate school infrastructure. Schools tend to be few and far between, making it difficult for children to receive any education, especially if they have to travel long distances. Thanks to generous donors Michelle Skousen and doTERRA, the dream of local children to receive an education became a reality with the construction of a primary school on Kulen Mountain.

Every day, 40 primary school children have the opportunity to attend classes. However, we began to notice a sad but solvable problem.  Some students were able to bring a little something to eat for lunch while others did not have the means to do so, essentially arriving at school empty-handed and with empty bellies.  Like the many other problems Vision Cambodia has tackled through the years, we inquired, brainstormed, and created a solution.  To ensure that all students have access to at least one daily meal, we established a farm to cultivate food and vegetables for the children. As a result, we are now able to provide each student with a nutritious meal every day they attend school. This problem was remarkably solved for just 25 cents per student meal per day!

One added benefit of the school meal program initiative is that local women have been given employment opportunities to prepare the meals. This not only ensures the provision of nutritious food but also contributes to empowering and supporting women in the community, with them benefitting from getting a daily meal as well.

The story of Kulen Mountain is just beginning, and we're excited for you to witness the positive impact it's having on the surrounding community. Stay tuned as we continue to see lives changed and progress made, day by day.

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