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Last year Vision Cambodia completed construction on the building used for the Light of Life training program.  Funds were donated by doTerra and Michelle Skousen to build the structure which was named in memory of Michelle’s parents Lloyd and IlaBell Casper. Without generous individuals, companies, and foundations, Vision Cambodia could not undertake the life-changing projects on Kulen Mountain and in Cambodia.  We are SO GRATEFUL to generous donors, they truly are changing the world one individual at a time.

There are many non-profits and international organizations that operate in Cambodia.  Unfortunately, the locals often have disappointing interactions with them and are usually left with empty promises and a lack of ongoing commitment/support. Vision Cambodia has always been close to the rural poor, and our track record is proof that we really care about and work hard to improve lives, not just show up for a photo opportunity and pile back into luxury SUVs to be shuttled away.  

Initially, when Rob and Chantha came up with the idea for the training center, it was obvious that sustainable opportunity was essential to get the villager's buy-in and to ensure ongoing success.  We counseled with the locals and got their ideas.  It made sense to build the training center next to the Vision Cambodia school, where the adults and children could learn/grow in close proximity.  We also wanted to start with something familiar to them and that would support the poorest segment of the population on the mountain, uneducated and disadvantaged women.  The art of handmade textiles fit the need perfectly, and we started raising the money for the building, the looms, the supplies, the instructors, and the ongoing financial support that would be required to begin and maintain the program.  

The ten-month training started in November with the first group of women and so far it has been a tremendous success!  The next post will provide all the details, please stay tuned!

If you want to donate to the worthy cause and help change the lives of these poor but ambitious women, please do so here .  

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