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Trip To Angkor Wat Temple

This past summer we were lucky enough to be able to sponsor an amazing trip to the Angkor Wat temple. We took as many children as we could from the villages to see this historic wonder.

While this temple is not far, most of these children would not have had the opportunity to visit this temple without your help!

One hundred and eight children along with three teachers were able to go with the funds we received (thank you to all who helped support!).

Many of them had never ventured far outside of their village and were very excited by this opportunity. We hoped to open their eyes to a world outside of their village and let them know that they controlled their future.

Chantha acted as a tour guide and was able to take the children to visit a super market as well. He said it was fun to watch the children’s amazement in seeing an escalator outside the market. Most of them were seeing one for the first time in their life and couldn’t believe such a thing existed.

It was a very educational trip that helped open the kids’ eyes to the world outside of their villages. We taught them how important it is to learn and continue their education so that they can create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

If you would like to help contribute to another trip like this for more children, shoot us an email at or fill out a humanitarian trip form on our Trips page!

Here are some of the kids that were able to go on the Angkor Wat trip. They said it was one of the best days they've ever had!

Chantha giving an educational lesson to the kids about the temple, its history, and how important it is that they learn to help create a brighter future for themselves.

The whole group! 108 kids and 3 teachers were able to go on this once in a lifetime trip thanks to your support!

Exploring some of the historic temple grounds.

Inside the Angkor Wat Temple for their very first time.

Not having the means to get out much, the kids were so excited and shocked to see this escalator at the supermarket. They'd never seen anything like it before. Chantha said it was super fun to see their reactions.

One of the girls on the trip holding up a Vision Cambodia sign. Thanks for your donations that make trips like this possible!

This girl was so excited to see the temple and get outside of her village for the first time!

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