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Project USA 77 - Don Rondinelli and Scott Pirraglio

We wanted to give a huge thank you to Don Rondinelli and Scott Pirraglio for the donation of this well. This well is such a blessing to so many villagers, many of whom are children. The parents who live in this village have to leave the children home alone everyday while they go work in the rice fields. Having a well close to them will allow them to spend a little bit more time with their children because the access to water is much more convenient. Thank you for helping improve their lives!

They are all so grateful for the new well!

Some of the children that stay home alone in this house while the parents go work in the rice fields.

They were all so excited to come pose in front of the new well.

One of the cute babies that will benefit so greatly from the clean water.

One of the homes the children stay alone in during the day.

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