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Project USA 108 - Boise

We wanted to give a huge shoutout to our donors from Boise Idaho for funding this new well! Many of the local villagers had suffered serious illnesses due to their unsanitary living conditions. The villagers send a big thank you for your wonderful donation and changing their lives!

Before the well was built, this village was already so excited for their new well that was coming!

So excited, a couple of the women were happy to come out and take some photos with their new village well after it was built.

Some of the excited villagers watching their new well be built!

Families were excited to come and gather from all over to see the new well being built by them.

That small puddle in the bottom right shows an example of where these villagers would get their drinking/bathing water from before your amazing donations enabled them to have access to a clean water well!

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Allison Brooks
Allison Brooks
Sep 23, 2021

Great rreading your blog

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