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Project USA 107 - Erickson Family

A big thank you to the Erickson family from Draper, Utah for donating a new well! This is their second well donation this month! With your help and the help of our monthly VC support donors we were able to build a new well and bring lots of food and clothing donations to this rural village.

The kids were so excited about being able to eat some bread, and the villagers couldn't say thank you enough for the well that you were able to provide them with!

We've included some awesome pictures below. We wish you could all come with us to Cambodia and feel the magic and gratitude there every time a new well is built!

Enjoying the clean water coming from their brand new well!

Some of the villagers gathered around wanting to take a picture with their new well.

Chantha took a picture with some of the village kids around their new well. They were so excited about the visit, well, clothing, and food donations!

One of the little girls in the village posing for a picture with her bread loaf that she shared with her friends.

Some of the village kids goofing off, excited about being photographed by the camera.

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