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Project USA 106 - Erickson Family

A huge thank you goes out to the Erickson Family! They have seriously brightened up this holiday season for some of our friends in Cambodia with two well donations. This is their first well donation (pictures to come of the second soon!).

Everyone in the village was so excited to see the new well and drink clean water! But two young mothers especially were so excited and happy to be in all of the photographs. They wanted to say a special thank you and God Bless You to the Erickson family for their generous donation.

Some of the villagers gathered around their new well. This blessing wouldn't be possible without your support!

The two young moms who were so excited about the well. Their home is the one right next to the well and they felt lucky to be so close to the clean water!

Trying bread for the first time. It looks like she likes it!

The well was already being put to great use before we even got to finish putting up the well plaque!

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