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Project USA 104 - Sky, Kim, Linus, Laura, Lark Lund

We wanted to say thank you to Sky, Kim, Linus, Laura, and Lark Lund from LaCresenta, California. Your well donation went to a wonderful little village in Siem Reap right by a family with a newborn baby.

They were so excited to have the well built so close to them inside of their village. We just wanted to say thank you again to all of our many donors during this holiday season! Your donations mean the world to these families.

A mother and her newborn son excited to have the new well so close to their home!

Some of the local villagers gathered around their new well. Thank you for your donations that help make this possible!

A lot of families that live out in the rural villages in Cambodian make a living by making baskets and selling them.

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