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Project USA 102 - Clyde Companies

A huge thank you to Clyde Companies for your wonderful donation! The villagers that we were able to meet were so excited about their new well.

Every single donation and dollar matters so much! This well will provide permanent clean drinking water for these wonderful people for years and years to come.

We've included some pictures here with a couple of the villagers who will benefit from your generous donation. Thank you so much!

Before your generous donation, this is the water source that this village had been using for drinking/bathing, etc. Just looking at the color of that water... we can't even begin to imagine how grateful these villagers must be!

A couple of the villagers that we were able to photograph with the new well. Their pos is mean to show their gratitude, thank you for your donation!

They are so grateful for you help. We were also able to bring some food and clothing donations along with us, you can see the young boys excited about trying the bread.

Look at how crystal clear this water is! Such a night and day difference from what they were using before.

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