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Project USA 100 - Barrick Gold

We wanted to give a huge thank you to Barrick Gold for this wonderful well donation on their behalf. This well will service hundreds of Cambodians and help save them from serious illnesses and dangers that come along with not having access to clean sanitary water.

Your donations truly do change the lives of these people forever. Thank you so much for helping us support this cause and bring clean water, education, and hope for a better future to these people!

Here are some pictures of your well and some of the villagers who will benefit from your generous donation:

Some of the villagers standing around the well. Their pose is meant to express their gratitude and thanks. This well will help not only them, but the rest of their village not pictured here for years and years to come!

One of the little girls from the village posing with the new well. Look at that smile!! This photo is just a small glimpse at the joy that your donation will bring to hundreds of people.

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