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Our Schools Are BURSTING At The Seams!! Colorado School Update

Here are some photos of the updated Colorado school! We wanted to help get the community involved in this build and help out the villagers with some extra cash. So we decided to make the school walls out of water bottles that we filled with trash that the kids had collected around their neighborhood.

This was an awesome experience that not only helped bring some money back into the community, but they came together to find enough materials in order to build this school. It also helped clean up their neighborhood and gave us an opportunity to teach them about how important it is to keep their village clean. 

We were all so proud when the final building was complete. The kids are so excited and this school has been bursting at the seams! The classrooms are always full and kids stand outside the windows in order to hear the lessons and learn. Thanks so much for all who helped contribute to this project.

We need more donors like you to help these kids get the education they so desperately want! (Click here to get involved)

Bursting at the seams! All of the kids are so excited to learn that not only are the classrooms always full, but all of the standing room outside fills up as well!

A close up of the walls - for this school we used recycled bottles & trash to help provide a great learning opportunity for this village. The kids learned about keeping things clean and earned money for every bottle they picked up! It brought money back into the village and the kids were so proud of what they were able to accomplish together.

The finished Colorado school! We need your help to make projects like this happen in villages all over Cambodia so that every kid can have the opportunity to build a better future for themselves.

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