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Our Blog Missed You!

We want to apologize we've had so many exciting things happening over at Vision Cambodia that regrettably, our blog took a bit of backseat. But during this time we've experienced some significant growth, progress, and we have some amazing new projects and opportunities coming up that we can't wait to update you on!

As this new year begins, Vision Cambodia Organization is happy to report new exciting programs and initiatives! With generous individual and corporate support, Kulen Mountain has the foundation to start improving the economic and educational prospects for the disadvantaged villagers that live there. With the construction of a primary school and community training center there is light and hope for the future, and the energy among the residents palpable. Now we need to fund the new training program that will provide valuable skills and opportunities for the local Cambodian women. By the end of March 2024 we need to raise $20,000 expand the training program and create sustainability moving forward. 

We've expanded our team, forged meaningful partnerships, and and we know that embarking on these new projects will play a vital role in empowering these women to create a sustainable income for themselves and their families. With your suport we can set them up for long-term success and help break the cycle of poverty.

The stories we have to share are not only exciting but also a testament to the strength of our community.

Starting now, we're committed to keeping you updated more frequently on all of the exciting projects we have going on and we're so grateful for your continued support.

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