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One School & 600 Brighter Futures!

This past November, we received some amazing pictures from some of our humanitarian volunteers when they went to visit the Justin Kyler School and drop off some more school supplies. (If you’re interested in getting involved by going on a humanitarian trip of your own please email for more info)

The Justin Kyler school is one of our largest schools that we help support with over 600 students that attend daily. We help provide them with school supplies and English teachers so that they have have a better education and hope to create a better future for themselves. 

The kids are always so excited when we’re able to visit and are always in desperate need of school supplies. Uniforms are also mandatory for all schools in Cambodia, but many children and their families don’t have the means to provide them with one. You can support a student with all the supplies and uniform they need for only $35!! 

Visit our website to get involved by supporting a school, a student, or any extra donations towards the cause help provide for our English teachers and other necessities. 

Excited to finally have some school supplies of their own, the kids at our schools are always so happy and grateful when we come to visit!!

Handing out new school supplies – the kids are always so friendly and happy to see our Vision Cambodia humanitarian volunteers!

We love being able to visit all the different schools and spend time with the kids there!

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