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New School in Chambok Sor Village

We want to give a big thank you to the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation for sponsoring this new school. This school has students come from four different villages. There are more than one thousand children between these four villages.

Gaining knowledge, and especially learning English will help these children to have a better future. All of the families from these villages are farmers. Some of them go to Thailand for work and leave their children home to be cared for by a neighbor. Having these children learn English will help them gain marketable skills that they can use to help support themselves and their families so that they can all stay together.

On the first day of school all of the children receive their books and they all have a good meal together. It is the best meal of the year for the children. They are all so excited to be able to go to school and learn. All of the children and the community say thank you for your love in sponsoring this school.

The children receiving their books.

The meal the children received on the first day of school.

The school is finished.

This poor young man does not attend school. Instead he goes to the school and collects the bottles and cans to sell. We hope one day he will join the other children in learning at the school.

Collecting bottles and cans for selling.

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