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Four Orphaned Boys

These four little boys captured our hearts the moment we met them and heard their story. At ages 5, 7, 9, and 11, they were abandoned by their parents who left to Thailand where they thought they could make a better living for themselves. 

The boys were left without anybody to watch over or help provide for them and no word on whether their parents would ever return. For nearly four years, they have provided for themselves. They’ve fished, hunted, and scavenged for food and tried to make friends along the way.  

When the founders of Vision Cambodia met Than Sokhen, Phanet, Phanut, and Phanu, they knew they needed to help. We have helped support these boys and their village for the past year. With a new well and school in place, these boys are much healthier and have more hope for the future than they ever have before. 

There are so many other stories like theirs and we wish we had the time to tell every story. Donate to one of our schools today or sponsor a student to help provide a brighter future for the kids who really need it. 

Healthier and happier than ever before because of your donations! Your help is what allows us to keep improving the lives of kids like them every day.

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