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3 Days & $375 For Clean Water

Our amazing partner and founder Chantha is a native Cambodian.

After an extremely rough childhood, he has committed his life to helping his neighbors in need and finding ways to help improve their lives. He searches for villages that are in need and helps provide a way for us to serve them.

Every week we receive details like the following about villages that he finds in desperate need: “I am currently in a very poor village that has families seriously struggling and in need of clean water. There is no clean water near them, which means many of them have not had clean water for a very long time, if ever.

Many members in the village travel very far distances to find work. Some of them even as far as Thailand to find work and money.

Mr. Svay Morv and Mrs. Man Lead sitting inside their home with some of their children and grandchildren.

One member of the village is Mr. Svay Morv who is blind, very sick, and 83 years old. His wife, Mrs. Man Lead, can’t walk on her own so she is unable to leave the village. They have 7 children and 25 grandchildren all living in the same place. Most of the children (even the young children) have to go out to work.

When I visited this family, the grandmother was so excited about the idea of having clean water. She has never had access to clean water in all her 78 years of being alive. They would be very thankful for any help we are able to offer them.”

One of our generous donors was able to fund the building of a well within this village. For only $375, three days later this woman was able to have clean water for the first time. A big thank you to Abbas Qambar Mohammad from Dubai!

The home where Mr. Svay Morv, his wife, their children, and all of their grandchildren reside.

Some of the village members on the day the well was finished. Thank you Abbas Qambar Mohammad for you donation!

The finished well! For many of them this was the first time they have ever had access to clean water in their lifetime.

A young boy in the village enjoying the fresh clean water.

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