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In Cambodia, 1 in 21 children that are born do not survive. This is largely due to mothers not having the funds or facilities to give birth in safe conditions with skilled birthing assistance. Our baby birth centers provide safe and sanitary conditions for giving birth. Thanks to all our wonderful donors, we are able to provide skilled birthing assistance to keep mothers and babies safe!



November Baby Births

One of the babies born at our birth center in November 2021. Thank you to everyone who has donated to fund a baby birth!


New Baby Delivery Bed

This baby delivery bed replaced one that has been in a birth center for over 10 years! The old delivery bed was broken and super uncomfortable. This new bed is comfortable for mothers and so much more safe and sanitary for giving birth.



October Baby Births

One of the babies born at a Vision Cambodia birth center in October 2021. Thanks to our wonderful donors this baby was able to make into the world safely!


September Baby Births

Thank you to everyone who donated to our baby birth fund this month! 

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