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Project VCW 416- Jassmine, Citlaly & Shawna Burke

Thank you to Jassmine, Citlaly, & Shawna Burke for donating this well! This family is one of the poorest in their village. Other people in their village would not even talk to them because of how poor they are. Now that they have clean water, they started a vegetable garden and have gained a profit from selling the vegetables. This well has made a huge difference in their lives!


Project VCW 417- Lindsey Family

Thank you to the Lindsey Family for donating this well! This family had to drink dirty water before the well was built. The grandma and the children were very sick from drinking the dirty water. The well is such a huge blessing for this family!


Project VCW 296- Daisy Mae

Thank you so much to Daisy Mae for donating this well! It was built for a family that used a water hole to have drinking water. When the dry season would hit, the water hole would dry up and this family had no access to water. Members of this family were often sick because of the water they had to drink. They never had enough money to pay for the hospital bills. This well is making a huge difference in their lives!

daisy mae.jpeg

Project VCW 415- Jim & Mary Pyle Legacy

Thank you so much to Jim and Mary Pyle Legacy for donating this well! This lady is very old and sick, and had no one to take care of her. She had to travel very far and carry heavy water back to her house. She was worried of dying from having to carry the heavy water. Now that this well was built, when others come by to collect water they check on her to make sure she isn't sick. This well is a huge blessing to her!


Project VCW 412- Warren & Kristen Jones

Thank you to Warren & Kristen Jones for donating this well! Now that this family has clean water, they have been able to start a garden. They are able to eat fresh vegetables and sell them to make a profit. This well is a huge change for this family!


Project VCW 378- Lee Family

Thank you so much to the Lee family for donating this well! This family has used a dirty water hole that always caused them to be sick. The father stepped on a land mine and lost some of his fingers. He lost his wife and has to take care of 7 children by himself. It has been hard to make sure the children have enough food and water everyday to survive. This well is a huge blessing in the lives of this family!

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