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Support Our Farming Initiative

Support Our Farming Initiative

The natural ecosystem of Cambodia is rich with life and the ideal place to cultivate crops. However, many Cambodians don't understand how or have access to the right materials to grow lucrative cash crops.


When you fund our farming initiative, you help enable the purchasing of materials to grow crops, lay framework for farms (including automated watering systems!), and teach the villagers how to grow and sell their crops. The farms are an amazing opportunity to create jobs, bring money back to the villages and support the long term sustainability of Vision Cambodia. All of the proceeds from the donated farms are reinvested into the village, with any additional profit being distributed to local schools. 


Our training farm is located close to a beautiful waterfall near a sacred mountain in Cambodia (if you book a humanitarian trip with us, you can come and visit this beautiful location and learn with the locals!). Thanks for your support!


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